Game Information Live Lottery numbers

Live Lottery numbers

Live Lottery numbers Our lottery game is live broadcast!
Every 4-6 minutes you may get into the exciting atmosphere of the most popular game, with bets up to u$s 1000.
Infinite options for players to place their bets.
Bet on colors, sums and numbers.
We have special games, in which you may choose 6 from 49 available balls.
Have fun!

Live Lottery numbers

How to play Live Lottery numbers

-Try to predict the numbers, colors or sums of the balls selected
-There are 49 balls numbered from 1 to 49
-The lottery machine will randomly mix the balls
-Select your numbers and the type of bet you want to place Click on button “place bet” to place a bet 6 balls will be drawn and they will be the winning numbers
-There are different types of bet with different potential winnings

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